getting sentimental

there's something really special about being a momma of two. and not just any two but specifically these two.

every morning i wake up with one laying next to me sound asleep and one rushing into the room telling me she's "hongy". i smooch smooch smooch all over their pretty little faces and hug their tiny little bodies. all the while i am thinking over and over how blessed i am. how wonderful this calling is i have been given. i have been entrusted with these two tiny souls. my biggest responsibility in life now {right there with loving and being the perfect companion to my smooch} is to protect, teach and love them unconditionally.

on those days when we go outside and play in the sun, it is sometimes overwhelming how wonderful life is. there are so many factors in life that can alter our happiness, but if we approach life at a slower pace where we can stop to smell the flowers {currently working on this one}, it is so much more rewarding. we have been given so much beauty in this life and it's such a waste to focus on the dark when there really is so much light!

now there are plenty of days where i feel like a vacation is needed from this job. i'll be completely worn. physically and emotionally. but then that day ends and the sun comes up again and promises me a new day ahead. and those days have a way of becoming a best day ever. :) and when i tuck my two in at the end of each day, and after i tell them i love them 100 times and kiss their faces until they make me stop, i think to myself again how fortunate i am to have spent another day with these precious little girls. how blessed i am to have been given this life that i live.

i pray every day to be happy. to be positive. and also that our girls will recognize that in me. i want so much to provide them with experiences and moments of pure joy and love and to feel that as often as possible. i want them to love life and the world around them. and i want them to know how important that is to me. and if i have to commit to being more positive and bright myself to prove it, then so be it. :)


David Cates said...

great post Janie! I can't wait to experience all of this with our little girl who will be here soon. You're a great Mommy role model.

kimberly said...

I adore this post Janie. I want our girl to see these things in me, and for her to always be happy, positive, bright. love you!