the canal

one lazy and pretty afternoon we strolled down our neighborhood and headed to the canal. it's so nice to be surrounded by so many bodies of water in this town! provides our littlest adventurer with limitless adventures. ;)

we walked around an explored the area and picked a ton of "fow-yurs". but aside from the flower picking, i think char-bee's favorite part was the waterfall. i think it was her first waterfall experience and she was really taken by it. especially since you can throw rocks in it!

sure am glad this little girl loves to be outside. i have so many memories from when i was young being outside. it really was/is my favorite, too! i know from experience that being out there teaches a kid a lot about their surroundings. and provides plenty of room to explore and imagine. being a kid is so wonderful and enchanting. and now, being able to watch my own is just as magical. :)

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