on march 8th

i simply cannot believe that my precious violet is already two months old! it seems likes just yesterday that we welcomed her as the newest member of our little family! and we have had so much fun with her that i suppose the time flew by without us knowing. :)

these past two months have been so wonderful with two little girls to kiss on and entertain. from the moment we brought our new sweet girl home, big sister char-bee magically turned into a grown up girl! the craziness of her two-year tendencies had somehow been tamed and she became my super little helper. she took to her older sister duties immediately. including numberless kisses and hugs. :)

baby violet is growing so fast. she has gotten so big {really long, too}! and i feel like she's a genius super baby! she's insisted on holding her little head up for some time now. and very well too i might add. she talks and coos and laughs constantly. especially if bee is within view. when she's awake she's wide awake and discovering the crazy, loud world around her. and currently her favorites are eating, sleeping and playing with char-bee. she's also into staring at the pictures of family on our wall and smiling and giggling at them. and at corners and crown molding and door frames as well. so stinking cute.

she and her big sister bring continuous joy to our lives. these two and their fast growing relationship really makes me melt inside!
how i love my sweet little girls. :)

happy two month birthday sweet baby violet!!
love, daddy, momma and char-bee

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Lauren in GA said...

She is SO beautiful!! Seriously, your girls are gorgeous.

I know I basically say the same thing each time...but SERIOUSLY...they are darling.