valentine's crafting

with valentine's only a of couple days away, it was time to get our crafting on! the best part was my bee was able to contribute a lot to the projects. we kept things sweet and simple. a few hearts here and there.
and then, of course, some on our nails for good girly measure. ;)
bee was quite proud of her work and i think it all turned out precious!
now anytime she sees a heart, she reminds me, "no, mommy, balentines!".

side note: doesn't bee look especially grown up now? i can't get over how quickly she is turning into a little girl! no more "baby" bee. :( her daddy asked her the other night if she was his baby bee. she furrowed her brow {per usual} and insisted "no, i 'kid' bee!".
now we really know what/who we are dealing with! ;)

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Lauren in GA said...

So wonderful...of course, I got teary when John (my youngest) told me...I not a baby...I a big boy...I just Johnny...

I love how you decorate. You have a knack for making things look so fantastic!