quick trip to texas

handsome cousin joshua

aunt jean, granny and doug

aunt pam
a couple of weeks ago we jetted out to texas {violet's first visit} for a couple of days {bee stayed in ga with grandma}. while we were there for interviews, it was also nice to see our family, too {adam and i both have family there}! once we landed and got a car we started our road trip around the state.
we started in san antionio to visit matt, vanessa and their sweetheart joshua. then headed to vicoria {interview} then to west point and bastrop {outside of austin}to see my momma's family for the final interview of the trip. it was all really great and fun, but the best part {for me at least} was when my grandma finally got to meet violet! coincidentally she was in georgia for bee's birth, {thanksgiving, remember?} but had to wait about a month this time before she got to see her violet. ;)

the weather was lovely and the visits were just right. we think the interviews went well, too!! 
all the while bee was having a really fun time at grandma's back at home {making and eating sweets}! 
it really was a fabulous trip. can't wait to go back!

my sister sent me this when i needed a dose of bee ;)

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