it's pretty funny sometimes to think about where life takes you. i overheard my mom and adam talking the other day and she asked him, "if someone told you in high school that you'd be in school until you were 31 what would have been your reaction? oh, and married with two kids!". it made me think myself, what if someone had told me in high school that at 28 i would be a married mother of two, supporting my student husband {for eight years} without a college degree to show for it {talking about me}... i wonder what would have been my reply. it sounds so unfavorable when in fact, it is so much the opposite!!!

when i look back at the time that has flown by these past eight years it really amazes me. it's crazy how we were able to see and do so much with so little money and in such a way that most of society would not really approve of {speaking mostly of timetables}! not only did i get married at nineteen {to my best friend} but without first graduating from college {like my own mother and most of my friends}!! instead, i immediately started working in admissions at a hospital in athens while adam finished his undergrad at uga. although i did finally go back to school when he started dental school, i honestly was embarrassed to tell his classmates {only when asked, of course} that i was in school... as an undergrad {most of them were younger than me!}. but i reminded/remind myself that through this "sacrifice" we were able to do so many incredible things and have really amazing experiences that may not have worked out otherwise {i.e. thailand}! and during that time {even up to present day} i have received countless blessings, many of which remind me specifically that i will complete my education in due time.

anyways, my point is life is so interesting and incredible and unpredictable! i have been continually blessed everyday of my life. it has been such a happy and fulfilling life, regardless of how abnormal or irregular the sequence of events have been. i have seen and experienced things that many others may never have the ability or opportunity to do so! not to mention, everyday i get to hold and kiss such beautiful and sweet little girls i can call my own and laugh and smooch with the best companion and friend i could ever ask for!! what more could a person ask for?! i really am thankful for the life i have been given and the wonderful details that make it.
it may not be average, but then neither am i!! ;)


kimberly said...

love this and love YOU! xo

Ash said...

I've definitely gotten weird looks from Miles' classmates and the medical wives club (ick) for still being school (and being so young and married!). But I always just have to remind myself that there is no "right" way to do life. And you have created a beautiful life for yourself! And two of the cutest little girls I've ever seen. ;)