another snow for bee

 a few weeks ago we headed back up to va for one last visit {for awhile}. turns out the night we got into roanoke a huge snow storm was blowing in! we rushed into our hotel and got settled {fell asleep, all four of us} and when we awoke {2ish hrs later} the view outside was so charming! it had snowed and coated everything in a perfect powdered sugar white. it was like a winter wonderland, as they say. the interesting part was that they don't get weather like that too often in that area, so we like to think it was special ordered just for our visit.

walking around in the snow was a little tricky, but bee was all about exploring in the pretty snow {until she got too cold}. the next morning we bundled up and headed out to stomp around in the slush. it's amazing how different the climate is just two states above us! it really was a fun change. we do get snow {rarely} in our parts, but when we do it's nothing like what we got to experience and enjoy there! our white christmas just came more as a white mlk holiday. :)

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BWei said...

So fun for Bee! So glad that Violet and Bee are getting along well. Hope to hear more about your practice hunt.