what having two has taught me so far

twice the amount of cheeks to smooch on {almost too much to handle}.
two booties in diapers is two too many.
two in the bed is tight but twice as sweet.
two napping {in their own beds} is twice as quiet as one napping. seriously.
early to bed = early to rise {missed that the first time}.
later to bed = sleeping in
hand-me-downs are not only awesome, they are memory evoking.
a trip to the grocery just for milk is quite the trip.
bathing is more fun when you + one.
the more the children the more the calories burned.
the more the children {calories burned} the more hungry you are.
road trips are more fun {and take a little longer}.
alone time with each is just as wonderful as time with them together.
although i was already aware, i like to remind myself that nighttime sleep is overrated {that's what naps are for}.
little painted nails are so precious in every size.
being stared at by the both {sometimes in sync} makes me feel like a million bucks.
whether "mommy" or "whahh", both are endearing.
the name-switching/mixing up is totally gonna happen. no matter what.
the picture-taking extravaganza has doubled. we need more storage...
they can be soo alike and so different at the same time.
double the love and warm fuzzies!

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