pics with momma

and, i'm back!!

the holidays were soon approaching and our christmas card was still just a glimmer of thought in the the back of my mind... and then it hit me one morning that i didn't even have a current photo of the three four of us together that could "just do" as our pic. i have used the talents of some dear friends in the past and had left myself in a situation where it just wasn't gonna happen with them!
fortunately gramma was in town visiting and was more than happy to do the job. our trip to the river was fun like always but especially nice to have gramma there to follow us around with the camera!
i had a really hard time choosing between all the of the great options to single out "the one" for our card. maybe next year i'll wise up and do a multi-photo christmas card. :)

thanks again, momma. you did a wonderful job!!

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