our new addition

our sweet baby violet {or as bee says, "baby bi-let", "baby pirate" or "baby pilot"} has finally made her appearance into the world!!

last monday started and ended a lot like most other mondays. adam went to clinic, bee and i had a full day together, we had a little fhe at the park with some friends and then we went out for a thai dinner.
okay, so the thai dinner might have made it a little more special than typical. ;)
but then we headed home, got ready for bed and put our sweet bee to sleep. still all very routine. then my braxton hicks set in at their usual 11p time... thus completing our monday.
little did we know that something amazing was about to happen!

it started with really crazy cramps that turned into FOR REAL contractions. since i hadn't had many when i delivered bee {craziest delivery ever} this was new and VERY unfamiliar territory i was entering. after googling FOR REAL labor, adam and i had decided that this still was not "it". it just couldn't be. still 13 days to go until the due date. but as the night pressed on and the pain became unbearable we called up my dear lis at midnight to come bee-sit so we could dash.
to the hospital!!!

our sweet violet mae was born at 504a that tuesday morning and has been pure sunshine ever since. it's so amazing the rush of love/energy/emotion a mother feels when that sweet newborn baby is laid in her lap for the very first time! i cried with both girls and remember the huge warm feeling my heart had when i saw them for that very first moment.

children are so special and the fact that we as humans have the privilege to create/carry/raise them is so surreal. i know i have a lot of work ahead of me {ahead of us ;)} but it's soooo worth it. all of it. regardless of my body, my sleep schedule, etc it's all so worth it because they are our girls. we made them and now we get to raise them!

i cannot wait to see what fun the future holds for my smooch and his girls. :)

*btw adam is pretty sure we can thank the thai dinner for inducing early labor.


The Tureks said...

Beautiful words. We are so very happy for your growing family.

BWei said...

So glad she was born safely and hope you continue to recover well. Were you in ATL or Augusta?

Amanda said...

She is beautiful! Congrats!! Can't wait to meet her!