our baby violet

a very busy first 24 hours for our sweet little violet, and she slept through almost all of it! 


Amy Marsh said...

She's so precious! Can't wait to see her again!

Amy Marsh said...
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Ash said...

She's gorgeous! These pictures are beautiful.

Lauren in GA said...

Violet is GORGEOUS...and these pictures are absolutely beautiful...I love the name Violet! If I ever had a girl I wanted a Violet :) Many, many, many CONGRATS!

Lauren in GA said...

She is absolutely GORGEOUS!! The pictures are so beautiful...I love the top on of you looking up at Adam.

Many, many CONGRATS!

I also love the name Violet. If I ever had a girl I wanted a Violet :)

I got your message...first I got a text to landline message...I had never gotten one of those before...It was AWESOME. The little robotic female voice told me everything you had texted. I'm an old lady...it rocked my world that such awesome things can be accomplished!