bees love their violets

a few weeks before she came, baby violet had already left quite an impression with bee. it amazed me how interested bee became with my growing tummy and the baby inside! she would be so sweet and have little conversations and sing and pat on my tummy and sometimes even get a little possessive of it. it gave me hope that maybe the introduction of a new baby into the family may go a little smoother than i had originally thought.

when the day came to bring her home to meet bee it was almost magical they way bee responded and the way i think they connected. bee kept insisting she "hold it, too" and would hug and smooch and sing and rock baby violet. it was as if we had brought this baby home just for bee!

as these last two weeks have passed, it has been so fun watching bee watch violet. she's so involved and concerned and interested in her baby violet, we even think it has made her a little more grown up {more cooperative and obedient!!}. she always wants to help and include her and again is a little possessive her. :)

i know i have said this numerous times, but i am so blessed to have such sweet little girls and i'm so excited to watch them grow up together! i am so happy with our little family! :)


Ash said...

Charlotte looks so happy! This is the cutest.

Amanda said...

I love the look on Bee's face! She is going to be the best big sister!