bee goes ice skating

last christmas my mom gave bee a charlie brown christmas book. it has since been a favorite book of hers, especially throughout the holidays and after finally seeing the movie {any type of jazz music she hears she insists it's "charlie brown" music}. her favorite characters are of course charlie brown {wanted to name our new baby charlie brown} and snoopy! and every time you open the book the first thing you see are the two of them ice skating!

she picked up immediately on what ice skates and ice skating were. she even likes to pretend she's "skating" around the house {dragging one foot at a time while strolling}. :) so when gramma reminded us of the ice rink around the corner from her house, we knew we had to go!

when we told bee our plans she was sooo excited all the way there! and when we got in and got her skates her eyes were huge and aglow and you could tell it was a dream coming true. as soon as she and her daddy approached the ice she didn't stop saying "ice skating" until we left!

it was so sweet to see how happy she was to be with her daddy on the ice and it was so cute how spaghetti-like her legs were in those heavy skates . ;)
after we left the rink she couldn't stop reminding us that she had been skating like charlie brown and snoopy. i love making dreams come true!

happy monday!

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