7 days later

i did it!! okay, we all did it. we have officially made it through 7 full days with two girls and survived! not that i didn't expect too, but being able to say it is so satisfying. :)
i really can't believe our violet is already a week old! this little baby girl of ours is truly such a blessing. she brings so much joy and happiness to our little family. and it thrills me how in love our bee is with her violet!! i'll admit i was worried in the beginning. you hear stories and imagine the worst {apparently 2 yo's are a little less than accepting of newness, esp newborns}, but somehow it all works out. better than you could have ever imagined!
we love our two little ones so much and are so grateful to be with them throughout the eternities. it seriously makes me giddy {little-girl-giddy} to think of all the fun adventures we have waiting for us!!

here's to another amazing week with sweet baby violet!

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