pre-holiday on my phone

the last few weeks have been so busy! we have been doing a tiny bit of christmas decorating, a lot of cleaning/organizing and even started on some serious packing {6 weeks away+new baby=lots}!
and in the middle of it all we have a two yo who is transfixed by this mesmerizing season! we love how much she loooves the christmas trees, christmas lights, music, food, books, etc etc. recently she learned all about her new elf friend {thanks nana!}, words to jingle bells and that santa says, "ho ho ho"! then last night she met the big guy in person {talk about shock, haha}!! and we're so excited to take her this weekend to the lights of the south! and we started the season off right with a christmas parade. it was cute watching her cheer and dance and collect a mound of candy!
it's been so wonderful sharing all of this with her. it's so fun for us to have the kid-version of christmas back in our lives. makes this time of year that much more magical. :)

have a wonderful weekend!!

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