eight is great

it's so crazy to think about the two crazy kids who got hitched 8 years ago! looking back we literally were crazy and literally were kids. :)  completely in love. it's also crazy to think that at that time we basically had little plan but lots of hope for our future together. and because of that we have had the best 8 years we could ever never have imagined then! no regrets. only an amazing 8 years to show for! throughout our marriage we have kind of prided our selves in the spontaneity and fun that has accrued since.

not long before we got married is when we basically met. specifically 6 months prior. we had a sweet friend {who i don't think had planned to happen what obviously happened!} who introduced us. immediately my smooch and i became friends. pretty much inseparable. and having so much in common we found no reason to be apart if we didn't have to be. we both love the beach so we went to the beach. we both love art, so to the museums we'd go. dating during the summer didn't hurt any, either! we refer to that time as the "perfect summer". :)

the more time we spent together the more we came to the realization that this is good. this best-friendship we created is really good. like meant-to-be really good. pretty close to perfect, actually and i quickly realized that this was it! this was the relationship i had hoped for and wanted to keep for eternity. :)

long story short, we were married 8 years ago today. it was a perfect day. and it has been the best experience of my life!! everyday i sit in awe at the fact that i not only found my best friend, but that i also somehow convinced him that spending eternity with me was in his best interest! ;) and for that i am eternally blessed.

i love you soo much, adam goodwin and look forward to the rest of forever with you!! 

luv, yer SUG


Adam said...

I love you love! Thanks for putting up with me and supporting me for the past 8 years! It's bitter sweet to think that this will (hopefully) be our last anniversary as a poor college couple. Next year we will be a poor real job couple! Happy anniversary love!

Amy Marsh said...

so happy for the perfect couple!! congrats to you both! you deserve all the happiness these last eight years have brought. So glad I've been around to see some of it. :)

love you both!