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hey guys! so, it's finally THAT time of year! can you believe it?? 
while it changes daily, here are a few things bee loves to look at currently and/or hopes to play with. :) 

i hope you all are having a fun time finding/making some sweet gifts for those you love. i know this year has been a little less stressful than normal for me {thank you online shopping and martha stewart @ joann's}! i almost think wrapping is the best part of the gift, other than the giving part, of course! talk about limitless ideas

maybe one year i'll get creative and do some gift guides?!
-for more gift guides {i like}, go here, here, and here!!

have a fabulous weekend. :)

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Linds and Allen said...

Cute ideas! Bee has such good taste. And based on this list she and Azi would have fun playing together. Look forward to seeing y'all over the holiday.