va on my phone. again.

one more trip to va, but this time we drove! all over. we got a really great idea of how beautiful the ENTIRE state is. driving through the mountains and valley to get to the next town was lovely. made it difficult to decide where we wanna live! ;)

the weather, of course, was amazing and so was being outside. the temps were chilly and the air was so clear. we even woke up to some frost! but the best part of our trip was meeting up with our colin and jess. we hadn't seen them since their wedding! july 2011! and meeting up in arlington for pho made it most memorable. we sure love those two and would be so excited if we ended up less than 10 hrs away from them. :)

and although we may not be on our way to va again anytime soon, {hello, i'm 32 wks!!} we sure can't wait to go back!! we love you, virginia!

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BWei said...

Virginia (and us!) loves you too. Hope your last few weeks are uneventful and that this baby cooks just the right amount of time :-).