to my two year old charlotte bee:

charlotte bee,
we love you so much, dear sweet bee. you make your momma and daddy feel so blessed and so proud, and are so thankful for you! you bring so much sunshine and energy into our lives. you are smart, beautiful, hilarious and so affectionate. we love to hear you talk and see you play. we love your bright wondrous eyes and your happy cherry-red kisser, especially when you talk while it's full. in these last two years you have taught us new parents many things, but above all you have taught us there is an amazing kind of eternal love that only exists between a baby girl and her momma and daddy. and we have had the honor and delight of feeling that love throughout all this time. we love your laugh, and the way your little fingers wrap around our hand.  we love your wet kisses and big, squishy hugs.  we love the way you snuggle in the morning and then yell "wake up daddy!  wake up momma!"  we love how you talk in your sleep, and how you snore when you have a stuffy nose. we are so happy to raise you on your heavenly father's beautiful earth and it thrills us that you have such a love for the outdoors and animals and being adventurous. we love to experience so much with you and are so blessed to be sealed to you for eternity. 

charlotte bee, you make your momma and daddy so happy and we sure love you, sweet bee.

-hope you all had a wonderful thanksgiving!

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