bee party

well folks, it's that magical time of year, again; when the season and time has officially changed and the holidays are quickly approaching. in other words - bee's birthday!!

she is a huge fan of animals {mostly of the farm sort} and so we used that as inspiration for this year's party. it was really simple and super low key {not including the busyness of having the whole family in my little house} and turned out lovely!

i did a little bit of decorating with craft and scrapbook paper and the rest was flowers and food.
the menu {pictured above, thanks smooch!} was bee's favorite meal - brunch. :) and topped off with presents and cake made for the perfect party for our little {to be} two year old.

after the day was through and we were getting ready for bed, we {her and i} were discussing the entire day of "bee's party" after which she ran in the other room and yelled "there it is!". i wasn't sure what she meant, but then she ran back to grab my hand and escort me into the dining room to point at the banners {or "flags" as she calls them} and said "bee's party, i found it!".
about ten minutes later she was holding a couple of her babies and they were singing "appy birt-day" to one another {this coming from only hearing it earlier that day!}. it made me happy to know how "bee's party" impacted her day and made for good memories for her. i still can not believe i have a two year old!! okay, almost. ;)

*it cracks me up how kids go through that "i-look-like-i'm-in-pain" camera face. please note bee's "cheese" face in the picture just above! gotta love it.

happy monday! hope your weekend was wonderful. :)

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