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after the response i got on my first "baby needs" post, i thought i would go a little deeper into bigger stuff {gear} that we really liked using/use with our bee and what we plan to use with our next little one!

*again, these are all based on our own personal experience and use and do not reflect anyone else's opinions, so take it like it is. :) i am sharing with you what worked best for us and what we liked using the most. if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask! i want to be as informative as possible. :)

  • bumbo seat {as soon as your little one fits} - i know these have been given an ugly rep lately, but they have gone through an update/makeover phase and are a hot item, again! aside from that... it's awesome. it's super lightweight foam and holds baby just right for the trickier not-quite-sitting-up stage. we used my SIL's for bee and loved it so much we got one of our own, to be used with all our babies to come. :) we took/take it anywhere/everywhere and never had any issues! it is really a staple for us!.
  • swaddle me wrap {from day 1 to until they can bust out of it} - now this item varies with every kid, depending on if they like to be swaddled or not. bee did and this cozy little wrap worked great until she was strong enough to bust out! it fulfills the "no loose blankets" argument and keeps baby snuggly warm! it comes in jersey, fleece and flannel and every color and print you can think of {and can be found at tj maxx/marshall's/ross fr less than $8}!
  • small fan {from day 1 and counting} - the perfect white noise producer, that can also be used as a fan. ;) it helps baby sleep and keeps that stuffy room circulated!
  • bum genius all-in-one's {day 1 to potty trained} - the best and simplest diapering system {to us personally} you can get for your buck. go here to check see my initial review!
  • phil and ted's vibe double stroller {if you need/want a double} - now i have yet to use this with two babies, but have been using it with bee and she loves it! oh, and we love it, too. it's so easy to maneuver, lightweight and has lots of features that make it a practical and useful stroller. i'll get back to you on another review once baby #2 has tried it out, too! -side note: if you buy one second hand like us, {aka w/o a manual} they have really awesome videos online demonstrating and explaining every little bit of the stroller
  • life factory bottles {anytime you need a great bottle} - this is the best bottle out there. it's made of bpa-free glass and comes in a shatterproof silicone grip sleeve. compared to others i have tried, they get the cleanest and are the most durable. and we never had to take off the grip! just stick them in your dishwasher and they're good to go! 
  • baby bjorn travel crib {day 1 to until baby is too big} - after dealing with/hauling around the classic pak-n-play, i did a little research and found the perfect alternative! it's as easy as a pop-up tent to assemble and weighs hardly anything! it's so nice to have this when a bed-on-the-go is needed.
  • ergo carrier {7lbs-45lbs!!} - our first carrier was the bjorn, but after doing a little research i really liked the ergo. and then after finding a great deal we decided to try it out! although bee is at the max weight {ok, more like 30 lbs} it's not too practical for her size, but we can't wait to try it on our next one! again, i'll get back to you on another review once baby #2 has tried it out, too!
okay, so there are some of our faves. pretty simple. but if you have any questions or suggestions/options of your own, let me know!!

*fyi, your best option is to shop around beforehand and find a great deal! and don't forget about ebay, consignment and craigslist{most of mine are from one of those three or were a gift}!

good luck! :)

- headed to va. see you next week!!

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kimberly said...

yay so glad to see this posted, Janie! I've already added a few of your recs to my amazon wish list ;) xoxo