a little catchup on the side

happy monday, everyone!

sorry for being so absent lately! we have been exceptionally busy here... the season has finally changed to fall and blown in some craziness with it. in the last week alone we have had some interesting, fun, disappointing and important things go down {including a fall-through job opp, failed glucose test and some messing around with our holiday/baby schedule...}. but what's most important is that we are all healthy, the holidays are soon approaching and we have a lot of exciting things to come within this next year!

listen to me, i sound like it's almost christmas and we're not even to thanksgiving yet... just preparing!!

our bee is growing so fast and will be two in a couple of weeks!! that's bittersweet...

we had a family gathering this last saturday that turned out swimmingly. it was so nice to have the whole family {minus some brothers} together to celebrate with bee!
she is having so much fun outside with the fall weather being so pleasant. she spends literally hours out there with her furry siblings everyday. and when she comes in she insists we two play together! it is so sweet!
and then there's all the talking she is doing now! we can't get over all hilariousness that comes out of her! i have a couple of videos we took that i'll have to share soon. it's precious.

some funny favorites lately:
refers to herself as "sharr-bee"
if you call to her/ask where she is {not in view} she will run out saying "surprise!"
to children in public; "hey kids! name?"
abc's and nursery rhymes super fast. kind of like she's rapping.
everything is "momma's ___, daddy's ___, or bee's ___". or of course, "MINES!"
she loves two of anything. and distinguishes between them as "tiny ___" and "big ___"
loves to point out if anything/anyone is naked. "cailou {her doll w/o clothes on} naked!"
states her "tummy hurt", proceeds to burp then says "better!"
as we drive off from home, "bye bee's house"
...just to name a few. :)

she does have her moments of being an almost-two year old {aka tantrums/drama} but once i learned not to respond like a maniac tried a different approach, we communicate 100% better now {btw, that part took me a bit to figure out}! i'm so lucky to have so much time with her. i feel we two really are blessed.

now, for adam... the residency is cruising right along. seven months and counting! he's working so hard to find us a permanent spot come july 1 {pretty much anywhere in the US}! we had/have some prospects but nothing definite yet... so stay tuned.

and me? well i am just trucking right along with baby in tow. all is well so far and the best part is i get to deliver in marietta, again! that was another blessing. so now i just have to keep myself occupied for the next few weeks and then set up shop at my parents to wait for our next girl to get here. shouldn't be too hard considering we're headed back to va this week, thanksgiving/bee's' bday/gramma from tx visit is all next week and then headed back to atl for the holidays soon after that!

i guess i better get some of my pre req nesting in order, fast!

btw - less than normal amounts of blogging to come... just to warn you. :/

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Lauren in GA said...

I love the little things she says. I totally laughed at the, "better!"

Nothing like a good burp to get a girl feeling like herself again :)

I am jealous you are headed to Virginia again. Have fun!