virginia on my phone


happy monday and october 1st, everyone!! it's officially fall now. for real!! :)

here are some highlights from our trip to hold you over a bit until i get to my camera and all of those pics. we just got back from an amazing trip to virginia! we had a fabulous time and were so glad to meet up with old friends and to make some new friends, too! and the weather... ahhh!!

so until i get me act together and get things back into rhythm i hope you all have a wonderful week ahead. :)

 white oak lavender farm {ie: bunnies, ducks, etc}, an insane bbq sandwich from hank's {bbq, mac n' cheese and chips between a bun}, the children's museum, tons of trains/thomas {new obsession} and the farmer's market {with brittany and robby}!!


Lauren in GA said...

Now that I see Brittany I know where in Virginia you were!! MIKE WAS BORN THERE. Ah...the sights of home...

Brittany looks fantastic!

sug said...

It is such a lovely place. We really had a great time! And Brittany did look great! :))