va part 2 - greene farm


the beautiful place you see pictured above is none other than the greene's farm in mt sidney, va. our friends joe and sandy -aka greene bean- greene live there. we really loved exploring and had such a wonderful time! roaming with the sheep and the dogs through the fields, collecting black walnuts and flowers, playing on the tractor and in the barn! bee was definitely in her element. she would have slept out there if we had let her! the area was so lovely and with a light rain it looked so magical. we three {oops, i mean four!}didn't want to leave. :)

adam and i have discussed maybe owning some land and having a small farm. it would be the perfect surroundings while raising a family. and this visit just confirmed our wishes!

after our time outside, we came in, warmed up and enjoyed thai food for dinner and then finished with herb tea, figs, gouda and pumpkin bread for dessert. it was all so wonderful!

i do wish i had gotten more photos of the farmhouse and the garden... they were amazing as well, but with the rain and sunset i got what i could! maybe next time. ;)

thanks again to joe and sandy for such a wonderful experience! we hope to visit again, soon!!

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