va part 1 - welcome to harrisonburg

finally! some more photos from our trip!! :)

we started our intro to harrisonburg with a lovely tour through the town and then around the surrounding farmland and mountains! the town has the charm of an old college town {jmu, eastern minnonite, and blue ridge, to be exact} but has the amenities of a modern place to live {target, tjmaxx, etc. ;). but one of the best parts about the town was the plethora of parks! on just about every corner there was a sweet place for kids to run and play! but the biggest and busiest had to be a dream come true!! bee had a blast there. but if you're not in the mood for playground equipment there are tons of parks with hike/bike paths and a more natural feel. those were fun for us as well. and the cooler the season gets, the prettier the surroundings and sights become!

while at a dream come true bee spent the majority of her time on the ropes and dancing/singing at the top of the equipment! we could have spent all day there... until it started to rain! and had it not been chilly, we just might have. :)


Lauren in GA said...

I miss home.

Oh, sorry...enough about me...

I love that picture of Bee literally, "singin' in the rain".

sug said...

Thanks, Lauren!!