the perfect flight

so this is the story of a perfect flight to virginia with our bee.

not that this girl isn't a great flyer... even since she was in utero, she really hasn't had any bad flights. in fact she typically loves to fly. she's already been on 8 round trip flights! but you never know with a mood-swinging toddler, right? anyway she flies great, but this one stood out as a seamless trip. one we will never forget. :)

it all started with a 1pm flight time, {we typically fly in the earlier am and meaning we took off at nap time} allowing us all to "sleep in" and take our time getting to the airport and then to our gate. flying air tran was also a plus. the staff was excellent and the gate was huge {aka room to run beforehand}!

not having any electronics on during the taxi and takeoff times can be hectic {a busy "under 2" has to sit still in our lap during that time}, but in this particular occasion it was almost comical how takeoff set bee into some kind of trance. her speech became slurred and her eyeballs were rolling all over the place! it was crazy. but after we made it to "cruising altitude" she was completely out. the seat between adam and i was empty {another perk} so in it she went. sitting up.

she sat there with her little head tilted to one side and bearing all her weight onto those skinny arms of hers. it was so sweet. but being the softy i am i scooped her up into my arms and laid her across my protruding belly. one of those super sweet moments i'll never forget. :)

and there she slept until we had reached our gate in richmond {a little over an hr later}! no joke! and the only reason she even woke up then was because of another kid screaming his head off {poor thing}!oh, and also because we had to get off of the plane. :)

like i mentioned before, this girl is quite the traveler, but not until this particular flight did she straight up pass out, basically unconscious, for the entire flight. it was quite a sight to behold! sweet bee.

-happy monday morning!!


Lauren in GA said...

I love that picture of her on your lap. You look beautiful. Love your dress, too.

sug said...

Thanks again, Lauren!! :)