splash splish

bee is at that age where getting her to look at or smile for the camera is nearly impossible. at least with me. and so when she was splashing as much as she could in the tub the other night, i captured all of those precious expressions that i had not been able to for awhile.

i sure love this girl and all the fun that she is!
she is so full of personality and light. you can't be around her and not smile {or giggle}!
and the things she says lately are just darling. she loves forming little sentences with all her favorite words {mostly "bee's _____?" or "momma's _____?"}!
not sure if she means for them all to be in question form, but that's how they are always delivered.
most mornings are started with "momma's button?" {pointing to my naval} or "daddy's hair?" {patting daddy on the head}. and when we were driving through virginia, it was "bee's moun-t'in?". :)

there are some days when the "toddler years" are trying but they are also so charming. her conversations {with us or her little toy/animal friends} are precious. mostly including a language or dialect we are not fluent in just yet. and the way she carries herself and is so aware of the details around her is captivating.
when we were hiking i was trying my best not to have her {or i} fall backwards down the hill but had to stop every few steps because she had found teeny tiny flowers {"baby fow'ers"} to look at and hold with her bigger "momma " flowers!

- oh! did i mention she calls me "momma", now?! i finally have a title separate from the "daddy" one adam and i have always shared! i love it. even when she just says it over and over {and over} just to hear herself say it. it makes me happy.

she helps me to remember to slow down {or stop} and notice the small, sweet things in life.
i need that. and i appreciate it, too.

sure love this girl. :)

have a wonderful weekend!!

*btw - i couldn't find a gif maker that would load 20 + pics together, so just scroll quickly and pretend. and if you know of one you like, let me know! i love me some gif's. :)

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