party time

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although it's technically not for another few weeks, i'm trying to get some ideas squared away for my little bee's "big-girl" birthday! we are going to throw a small family party with some really yummy treats to share. 
here are some of my inspirations for that day: i think something a little girly and really sweet. just like my bee. :)

i cannot believe my little baby girl is going to be 2!! where has the time gone and when can i get it back?? watching her grow and turn in to a little lady has been very fun AND educational. :) we have become the best of friends and have so much fun everyday together. it's so exciting to create your own mini me!

the things she says {talking in sentences, now!!} are so sweet and so hilarious. i love to chat with her and overhear the conversations she has with her friends {human and not}. watching her grow has been one of the most amazing and entertaining experiences and makes me proud to be her momma. :)


Linds and Allen said...

Party hats! There must be party hats! Azalee only requested 2 things for her b-day this year, a birthday cupcake and party hats.

Amy Marsh said...

Love this post and your little mini me! Can't wait to see how adorable her party will be!