more ob.servations

it's crazy to think i'm already 28 wks into this pregnancy. time has really been rushing by! I'm so anxious for the holidays to get here but then i have to remind myself that also means a baby is coming!

anywho, it seems as though my body has responded really well to this little one growing inside me {once i got past that rough first trimester} but again, the number of differences there are between this one and with bee seem aplenty {especially considering they're both girls, right?} so i thought i would share a few more. :)

then: huge thighs, huge hips, huge butt // now: huge butt, huge belly, huge boobs
then: feelin' hot hot hot // now: always chilly
then: pass me a plate of zantac please // now: pass me more chili please
then: always hungry, but no sweets // now: always hungry, especially for sweets
then: limited bending performed // now: head, shoulders, knees and toes and games of chase
then: huge dark line down the belly // now: no dark line
then: stetchmarks // now: no stretchmarks
then: projects and presentations // now: tea parties and swingsets
then: pain in my legs // now: pain in my back
then: spaghetti brains to the max // now: maybe the smartest me ever
then: deliver in less than 6 more wks @ 34 wks total // now: no telling


Ash said...

I love the "maybe the smartest me ever" part. So funny. I'm glad you guys are coming back soon! We miss you!

BWei said...

Lol--thought these were pretty hilarious. Looks like you had a fun camping trip, too!