krispy kremes

last weekend was our standing date with the blanks. it was so good to see them and their fast-growing kids! betsy and harvey get cuter with each visit! and bee and betsy had the best time together. they are at such a cute age with their little voices and imaginations. :)

after some play time in the park we had doc chey's for dinner and then headed to krispy kreme for the perfect dessert. the location on ponce in atlanta has windows so you can watch the doughnuts being made. the girls were pretty mesmerized by that.

the best part was the halloween themes atop our treats! i would have snapped a shot of their cuteness but they were consumed in record time. :)

great to see you guys again, blanks!! can't wait for our next date. 

- have a great weekend!! we will be taking our first family camping trip with some friends {and me big preggo}. wish us luck!! ;)

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