diy glitter boots

as most of you know, i did these in hopes that my child would finally enjoy wearing close-toed shoes for this chilly season ahead. when i spotted these i knew i could do an equally cute but much less expensive version. and after reading through a simple diy online, i did just that!

start with super basic and cheap supplies:
matte mod podge - $4
your choice of glitter - i chose a little bigger than the fine grain {semifine?} multi color in a tube - 3 x $.99 a tube = $3
paint brushes - $2
the boring boot {bee's are suede dessert boots}

make sure the surface of the boot is clean and remove the laces. and some may prefer to tape off the edges... i just free-handed it and cleaned as i went.

mix the podge and glitter in a cup {mine is hot pink :)} with two parts podge and one part glitter.

cover the entire surface with the first coat and let completely dry in between coats {looks like funfetti cake batter}. i did mine at night so they dried overnight. i ended up doing three coats total. and after the final coat is dry be sure to seal with a top coat of plain podge {no glitter}. i found that it helped create a strong seal and also left the glittered surface smooth instead of scratchy {less glitter lost with wear}! 

once they are completely dry you can re-thread your laces and slip your fancy shoes on!


*i was recently thinking that i would use the same process to do a cap-toe ballet flat version for my bee and myself next!  stay tuned. :)

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Linds and Allen said...

Love the way these tuned out! Love! I might be stealing this idea.