cl and cj party part 2

following an afternoon spent at the market, we headed back to aunt beda's {amanda} house for the party festivities. she provided a lovely spread of sammies and every little part of a VERY hungry catarpillar's diet. :) from pickles to pears to cake! and oh that cake!! it was quite a masterpiece. not only is my sis-in-law super crafty {it looked amazing}, she sure can bake {it also tasted amazing}! and she found an awesome recipe for kid-friendly/edible fondant {aka marshmallow overdose}! 
it was all delish and picture perfect.

after we stuffed our faces {some more literal than others :)} the girls tore into their gifts, played with each new piece and then we all took naps! definitely a perfect party. 
it was a great day of sunshine, good food and family. 
what more could two little girls and their momma want for their birthdays??

*cj and her momma share a birthday and cl's is just 5 days later! quite a week of party fun in their house. 

happy birthday, girls!!

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