we had such a great time, but no one enjoyed themselves more than our bee with some of her favorite uncles and aunties. like i have mentioned before, our bee would live outside if she could, so a weekend spent completely outside was just right for her.

after our exploring downtown chattanooga we headed back to the ol' campsite and beky and joseph started on dinner. we had vegetarian chili and corn muffin flapjacks. it was delish. actually craving it as we speak. ;)
and then you have to have the traditional s'mores for dessert! only we had the step up when we used swiss chocolate {great idea, morgan!!} and had them with hot cocoa {with more swiss chocolate}! it was wonderful. craving that now, too. 

we really enjoyed sitting around the fire chatting late into the chilly night with our friends {while bee slept in the tent}! it reminded us of our first camping experiences with our friends {when adam and i were dating}! fun fun memories. not to mention, the area was lovely and the weather was just right for fall camping. 

the next morning beky and david made some fantastic breakfast tacos that we enjoyed around the fire before we took some pics and packed up our site. sure wish we could share weekends together like this more regularly. it was such a great weekend! thanks to our friends awesome for that!! 

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