what's in my bag

notice i did not say what's in my "purse".
basically, the only thing that belongs to ME in my purse is my wallet. and sometimes a chapstick... which later gets claimed by you-know-who...
so i decided to go with my "bag" {that i take on trips}.
then you get my traveling essentials, daily routine AND preggo staples all in one post! lucky.

yes to cucumbers daily calming moisturizer - a perfect and fresh light weight moisturizer i apply every morning. sometimes the only thing i wear on my face all day!

garnier bb skin renew protector w/spf 15 - it's basically a tinted sunscreen but also contains fancy "skin renewal" ingredients. it's just the right amount of coverage/color i need.

benefit erase paste - the only concealer i can find in my pale shade that can cover my preggo-dark circles and little blemish spots. love it.

maybelline dream bouncy blush - i had never really been a fan of the "cream" blush but {on a whim for a color i really liked}, i tried it. and i love it! i use a brush to apply it but fingers work great, too!

organix moraccan argan oil - i cannot rave about this stuff enough! when the "moroccan oil" craze first hit i was willing to buy the salon grade, but after some investigating, i found that the ingredients were identical. and i'm so glad to have bought this one. it smells amazing, it's the perfect consistency {think frizz ease-like} and can be used everyday {for my fat/crazy hair type}! it makes my hair super shiny and hides the ends i have yet to get trimmed. :)

loreal extra volume collagen mascara - i mascara hop all the time, but this one has been my most recent favorite. huge brush! that's what's most important.

basis sensitive skin bar - the only soap i can use {once daily} that can remove the day from my face and leave it clean and soft without drying it out or irritating it. love it.

garnier ultra lift eye cream - just the past couple of years i decided i need to start using an eye cream regularly. this is a very basic one that has worked great for me.

burts bees blemish stick - again with my super sensitive skin, this is the only "treatment stick" i can use that doesn't burn off my skin, but does the job. zaps the zit. :)

yes to carrorts repairing night cream - it's super creamy and rich, which is what i need in a moisturizer. but it's not greasy or heavy. and in the morning my face is so soft and supple!

bumble and bumble super rich conditioner - i have gotten to the point where i'll use any drugstore shampoo, but i have a soft spot for treating my hair with really good conditioner. and this is my absolute favorite!! the way it smoothes my crazy unmanageable hair and the way it smells. mmm.

gucci flora parfum - a valentine's gift from my smooch. it's my current favorite and smells amazing!

preggo: one+two+three+four
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now, for those who are not expecting... sorry for the TMI. but thought i could go ahead and slip these in, too! the bare basics for my preggo self.

your life multi prenatal vitamin - these were the least expensive i could find at the grocery store AND had the DHA all in one pill. the results are as expected: great hair and nails and skin. :)

lansinoh lanolin ointment - i got some samples from the hospital and had to keep a stock after those ran out. for nursing momma's, it's a necessity. and can be used on any other parts of the body that get dry/chapped, too {cuticles, lips, elbows, etc}.

vita fusion multivites - now if you're curious why there's two different vitamins... i took the first ones until my nausea wouldn't allow me to continue. adam found these gems and when you double the dose {as prescribed by adam} it has the same amount of ingredients as the prenatals. perfect. i will probably never stop taking them. the results show through my hair and nails and skin. :)

bella b tummy butter - this was a gift from my friend, lindsay. it's wonderful. it's made from beeswax. it is the perfect consistency, smells amazing and left me with ZERO signs that i had a baby {aka stretch marks, dark lines, etc}. :) thanks again, linds!

okay, hope none of you fell alseep! hope it was interesting and informative!

*and for those curious: i DO wear lots of lip and nail color. but that's for another post. ;)

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