lucky in love

if you're not in the mood for mushy... you may want to skip this one. :)

it amazes me how lucky i am.
there's not a day goes by that i don't realize how blessed i am.
in numberless ways.
not only was i fortunate enough to be born and raised in the united states, to a wonderful family, but i was also blessed to meet and marry my best friend.

from a camping trip our first yea togetherr.
*not too many know "the story" of how adam and i came to be smooch and sug... so i might have to share that another day. it's a post in itself. ;)

from the time we started seeing each other, it was like magic. i don't mean like sparkly disney magic...
i mean like super-science-of-humans magic. or something like that.
there was definitely chemistry, but we also learned very quickly we had so much in common. and not just the favorite-music-and-movies kind of in common, but the really important future-goals-in-life kind of in common. literally almost everything in common.
it was crazy.

we could talk about anything and everything. for hours. and we usually did. it was never hard to open up with him about anything. i felt like i could confide, ask, and ramble on about anything with him and he would listen. wholeheartedly. interested. and understanding. i had never had that with any one person before {especially a guy}! it was and still is amazing. it's one of the things about him i admire and appreciate most.

it was amazing how quickly we clicked. especially considering how things were at the time.
i was in kennesaw going to a community college, working at clinique, thinking about, well, not much really. mostly about what i wanted to do over the weekend or on my day off. he was slightly new off of his mission {5 months-ish}, 1.5 hrs away in athens, going to uga and considering applying to dental school. very different scenarios if you ask me. but every opportunity we had, we would meet up and have the best time {sometimes including me calling out sick from work ;)}.
we refer to our time dating {summer '04} as "the best summer ever".
just to give you an idea of the summer: camping, the beach, sushi, night driving, beastie boys concert....

right from the beginning, when we had just started hanging out, it became apparent that we were seriously meant to be. together. the more time we spent together, the happier we were and the more our lives made sense. it's crazy how it works out when it's right.
to this day i am seriously shocked that a guy like him would wanna spend eternity with a gal like me!

even after 7+ years together, those early lovey feelings are still there. the way we interact, joke and the conversations we have go on the same as they have from the start.

then some days i feel so guilty. guilty for how much he contributes.
he is so loving and patient with me. throughout all my negativity he's always there to put out the fire and help me through, staying positive and encouraging.
and then he has also put in so much physical {and emotional} labor and works so so hard to provide and create a wonderful life for us {dental school alone was insane}.
most days i feel like all i contribute is whit and attitude!
but i do constantly try my best to be supportive, loving and the best wife/partner/companion to him. ...to the point of sometimes driving him crazy. :)
hopefully one day i can make it all up to him.
i will spend eternity trying.

the point of all of this is to somehow explain the shock and amazement i feel on a regular basis at how lucky i am, not only to be madly in love with my best friend, but that my best friend is madly in love with me! the trials we wade through together can be so rough and taxing and hard on our relationship, but they always bring us closer and make us stronger and i wouldn't trade that for anything.
and the absolute best part of it all is that i have eternity with him.
everything i want to do, have done and will do in my life and beyond will be with him!
i cannot describe to you how wonderful and comforting that is to me. it makes me deliriously happy.

i didn't really want this to be like a public declaration of love to my adam, {even though that's pretty much how it turned out} but it was something i wanted to share.
thanks for reading.
now you know how i really feel.
about my smooch. :)

-side note: he has been extra sensitive and helpful with me being so sick and lazy lately.
what would i do without him??
love you soo much, adam kirk goodwin.

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Lauren in GA said...

That was such a beautiful post. It makes me so happy that you all are so happy.

I love that picture.