yay fall

hey everyone! happy first-day-of-fall saturday!! i hope this post finds you all well and enjoying your weekend.
the weather here is amazing! i cannot believe it's finally FALL!! this time of year makes me so happy. i personally love and look forward to change and i feel like fall is the ULTIMATE change time of year! the colors, the temperatures, the food... i could go on and on. and i will throughout this season. :)

if you were curious why i have been so lazy and unposty this passed week, we goodwin's have been fighting one heck of a cold! it has taken over two weeks for adam to get over it {still coughing}, going on three for me {still coughing} and now our poor bee is fighting it {soo congested}. this is the second rough cold of our summer! i can't remember the last time we have all been sick for so long. to rid this particular type of cold takes lots of sleep {with humidifiers and vicks}, lots of cough drops/tea/honey water, and boxes and boxes of tissue! anyways, we are almost over it, again! thank heavens. being sick and pregnant, and then adding a sick busy-as-a-bee toddler to the mix, you've got you're hands full! but with the constant help of my wonderful smooch and then a week long visit from my amazing momma, it all worked out swimmingly! i really cannot thank those two enough for all their help, assistance, waiting, cleaning, cooking, etc... again, i could go on and on. despite the sick part, it has been so wonderful. i could not have survived without them! i don't know how single momma's do it on a regular basis. they have my full respect!!

anywho, i hope you are welcoming this new season with football, apples, leaves and camping. :) i know we will be!!

*side note: the pictures above are of one of the few outings we have made in the past couple weeks as a family. we headed to the river and played with the "big grass" in the field.
our bee sure loves being outside and we're looking forward to a whole season devoted to just that!!

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