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okay, so here's the aforementioned post regarding my COLOR choices. for my lips and nails.

top image

i realize this palette looks very halloween-ish, but that is strictly coincidence! :) 

for lip colors: these are my year-round go-to's; a nude, an orangey-red and a berry. 
#3. saturated berry tint - maybelline baby lips "cherry me"
#5. bold orangey-red - revlon "siren"
#6. soft and subtle nude - revlon "demure"

for nail colors: these are the more autumn-tonal shades i prefer {mostly for this time of year} but can be seen on me all year long {and coordinate with the lip colors above :)}. 
#1. dark grey - sally hansen "commander in chic"
#2. putty brown - essie "case study"
#4. oxblood red - essie "wicked"
#7. bright orangey-red - essie "meet me at sunset"

btw- all of these can be purchased at a drug store or target near you!!

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