you don't know me

i'm not very good at typing deeper and more substantial posts like many others who reach out to their readers and connect with them emotionally. in person it pours out of me naturally but for some reason sitting in front of my computer just doesn't ignite a bear-my-soul blog post. :)

anyways... my point is i feel like i am robbing some of you {who don't me all as well} the opportunity  of getting to know the REAL janie! so in exchange for your time on here i will provide you with interesting facts that most don't know about me. and some of them are really personal... so proceed with some caution.

i was born in austin, tx.
i am the oldest of five. by 5 years.
i always wanted to be an interior designer {since age 10} but now have a growing passion for graphic design.
i got married at 19. to my best friend.
i wear contacts. sometimes glasses.
i have been in two car accidents{same town, 6 months apart, both cars totaled}.
i have been pregnant three times.
even though i took accutane three times, my skin didn't completely clear until i was pregnant with bee.
i own and wear more stripes than solids or any other pattern.
hardly any of my friends {or female relatives} wear the same shoe size as me {8.5}.
i don't like to bake. i prefer to cook. and i actually prefer candy over baked goods {ie: cakes, pies, etc}.
i am a neat freak. in high school i would insist my friends clean their rooms. and sometimes i did it for them.
i don't drink {alcohol, coffee or tea but bring on the cherry coke!}, smoke, or watch rated R movies. and that's a personal choice.
i'm suuuper judgmental and opinionated. to my detriment.
i'm really impatient {and so is my bee} but my adam is {thank goodness} really patient.
i love to camp and be outside.
i only wash my face once daily.
i hardly ever pay more than $30 for anything {couches and boots are exceptions}.
i have had quite an array of jobs; bookkeeper, publix cashier, nanny, clinique consultant, decorator's assistant, ER admissions...
i can drive a manual transmission. and prefer it. maybe again one day.
i've seen mt fuji. from my plane window.
sometimes i don't get dressed until lunchtime.
i own euro pillows but no shams.
i have a frame collection/obsession. desperately need more wall space.
i can make a mean spicy bowl of chili. and cornbread, of course.

how's that for starters? if there's anything else you are just dying to know, go ahead and ask! and if this was too much... i'm deeply sorry for the TMI! :)


Lyndel said...

I love learning the random little facts about you... share away friend :)

The Plum Verbena said...

You are right, I don't know you!? Well, but everything anyway. Fun post!

Carrie said...

yeay! i love reading this kind of stuff! ps- i'm on my third pregnancy too (and our kids will only be a few weeks apart!) and wear an eight and a half. i know you wouldn't have anything to gain from my closet but i soooo wish i lived closer to steal from yours!

The Tureks said...

Thanks for sharing. I might take a vacation from my all things Joshua posts and do a random facts myself. I enjoyed yours. I'm the oldest of 5 too. I have also been in 2 car accidents. I wear contacts. I wear an 8.5! We are practically twins. ;-)

sug said...

@lyndel, thanks, girl!

@tay, you probably know more about me than most my girl friends. :)

@crarrie, congrats!! now move in next door so our kids can be buddies and we can share shoes!

@vanessa, just talking about you guys with adam the other day... sure miss you three! we also need to be neighbors, and share shoes, twin! ;)

thanks girls for your support. love you all. :)

Amy Marsh said...

Miss you something awful! Loved reading this.

Amanda said...
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Amanda said...

I remember when I first met you I told you I had a pair of shoes that were 8.5 but were a little big so I don't wear them much. And I think you said something like "you can ALWAYS make a good pair of shoes fit." :)

and i have no doubt you can make good spicy chili... you can definitely make good spicy thai good

Ash said...

I wish I was a neat freak! Our house is a total disaster. Liked this post Janie!