the show before dinner

not only does bee love her daddy and playing with him, but her daddy really loves his bee and playing with her. and i really really love these two and how much fun they have together {twins, you know}!

with bee's favorite pastime being performing lately, it's great entertainment, especially when she gets her daddy involved! and he's the best. he doesn't hold anything back, making him her perfect companion. and then when you add cailou and a charlotte bee-sized frog, it's a complete cast with limitless fun!

all the dancing and singing was so great. i'm sorry now i didn't take a video! but at least i know they are not a one-show-act. they will be performing regularly. hopefully i can catch it for you all to enjoy. :)


Shannon said...

Really cute, Janie!

June said...

Cute, they should perform at the next talent show ;)