the many faces of charlotte bee

this age and personality phase we are in with my bee is becoming my favorite.
she is literally my best friend and we have so much fun together! 

she now carries on the funniest conversations with the funniest expressions and does it with so much passion {and pizzazz}! - lots of this while standing on a raised surface {stage} with arms and legs in motion.

the best part is when she's super tired {nap-ready} and goes into silly mode {so tired}. she will say and do the most entertaining things for her momma. and on a hot hot day at the playground my bee was in quite a fun and entertaining mood! she was chatting and singing nonstop. the abc's were flooding out of her, as were lots of other unrecognizable lyrics/phrases.

most recently she likes to change her voice when saying certain things, like "w, x, y & z", which also includes another original funny face.

the best part to this is when what she's saying/singing finally comes to light and i get it {aka finally sing along}! too bad for her she's got a slow momma, but at least i feel like i'm getting better. once this girl is speaking in full-on sentences we may never stop talking and having a great time together!
poor daddy. :)

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