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while surfing the interwebs lately {with autumn on the brain} - 
these are the things i like to look at!!

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i don't usually dive too deep into fashion on my blog, but with the changing of seasons and my love for fall i decided to share with you ladies one of my favorite looks for fall: MENSWEAR!
it's all about basics you can actually wear almost all year round and at any age.
i broke it down into easy basic pieces anyone can wear, in any combination!

the chambray shirt: honestly goes with everything. color jeans, dark jeans, cords, the possibilities are endless. close your eyes and pick a pant. whatever you grab will go.

the blazer: there's nothing i love wearing more in autumn than a blazer. the simple boyfriend blazer is the best. no matter where you get it, as long as it fits like a glove, it's the perfect staple. black or navy are so interchangeable you can't go wrong with either color! wear them on top of a button down and jeans or throw over a girly dress!

the oxford shoe: a suede/leather in any neutral color will complete whatever you wear above them. they look great with jeans and cords but also kill a dress or skirt, too.

the scarf/hankie: depending on your personal style you can go for a genuine handkerchief or choose a silky scarf instead. and then when it gets cooler outside, switch to a wool or big knit scarf!

the loafer: this is one of those shoes that has been around forever and will always be "in". best in leather and the classic "penny" style is a perfect go-to shoe. just like the oxford, wear them with pants or skirts and dresses. the classics always look great together! and for an extra punch, wear them with fun printed/patterned socks!

the bf jean: fairly classic but with an edge. they usually come a little loose/broken-in and in a more faded wash {hence the bf title} and def look best rolled up a bit. wear them with flats, heels, or ankle boots.

the baseball tee: just a little something added to a basic white. something about the colorblock sleeve and sporty feel. goes great with your bf jeans or atop a skirt.

the straight/skinny jean: now depending on preference, you can wear these jeans as straight or as skinny as necessary. :) the point is that you like how they fit and look on YOU. and in my humble opinion; the darker the wash the better. they work great tucked into riding boots but i love them rolled with flats and ankle boots, too.

some other staples to add to the mix:
the trench
the loafer alternative/moccasin

*my august lucky mag had a great spread on "mastering menswear" and then gap has some great looks, too. check out this one and this one!

let me know what you guys think and what your favorites are for fall! 


Amy Marsh said...

okay, since I'm the only one that ever comments, I'll tell you what I'm looking forward to for fall fashion.
ANYTHING WITH A WAISTLINE!! :) And super cute ankle boots. can't WAIT!

sug said...

thanks amy!! xox

p.s. completely agree with the waistline. CAN'T WAIT!!