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read all about my 18, okay 20 month old!!
i cannot believe i am so behind... poor bee :)

okay, here are the recents/currents:

still calls me "daddy" {adam and i both actually} but sometimes calls me "momma" or "ma".
has full-length pigtails.
growing some incisors.
is almost 36" tall!
has dropped to the 80-somethingth percentile for weight {usually above 90}.
has become quite the picky eater {mostly cheese, watermelon, apples and bread these days}.
has now been on the airplane 8 times total.
is very insistent on dancing {solo and with a partner}
can refer to all the members of her family by name - momma, daddy, gram, gramp, na-na, poppa, poo {uncle aaron/poo}, beeen, maree, mick, bop {pep}, biggit}.
i heard her count recently - "1,2,3,5,6,8,9"!
knows all the favorite parts and/or beginnings to her favorite reads.
sings and performs hand motions to all songs as if she knows the words. some she does. and then insists applause and "hooray" after each.
likes to stand on elevated surfaces to sing, dance and talk.
like to climb onto all surfaces.
loves to draw.
loves to run.
now loves to slide {didn't for awhile}.
loooves popsicles and jello.
knows what chocolate is. and loves it.
still insists on two naps and sleeps through the night.
looooves shoes, sunglasses, hats, necklaces... pretty much any accessory. still.
thinks sunscreen {and most other tubes of ointment} are makeup and applies it to her cheeks.
is learning to cope with her separation anxiety.
insists on a stuffed-animal friend anytime she's in her crib. and blankets piled on top. and over her head.
looooves the abc song, in any form. any version. preferably sung by a sesame street friend.
looooooooooooooooooooooooooooves elmo. and now calls him "em-mo", instead of "mo".
loves loves babies. any size.
loves boys. all ages. and prefers men. :)
prefers her navy sandals above all her other shoe choices {yay, me!}.
loves puzzles, matching games, stacking and sorting.
loves to visit the kitties and fish at the pet store.
loves to help... with chores and most tasks that are almost too big for her.
new favorite phrases: "uhh-uhh" {replaced "no-way" but still has the same meaning} and "waaaitttt!!".
loves the cat in the hat.
loves to yell "der it is" and hug whatever when asked, "where is it?".
likes to sit on the potty. hopefully will learn to love it, too. :)
love this girl!

have a great weekend everyone!!

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Amy Marsh said...

She's so cute!! love her recents!