bzzing around

just trying on the ol' bumble bee costume {with some beads and a headband, of course}! oh, and navigating through momma's phone..

what does a bee say? - "bzzz!'
what does momma's phone say? - "bzzz!!!" :)

well folks, we goodwin's are headed out of town with my family for the long weekend. we are all in some desperate need of R&R and where better than the beach, right?? 

hope you all have a great labor day weekend and get to spend it with the ones you love!!


Lauren in GA said...

Hi there!!!! I am not sure if I should address you by your given name, or not...some bloggers choose to keep their names private...I don't know if I should call you Sug...I think that is probably reserved for *ahem*, "Smooch"...which I probably have no right to call him but anyway...I had stopped you in church a couple of weeks ago to tell you that I had come across your blog and I LOVE IT. It is so visually beautiful and I don't know how you do some of the things you do but they are lovely. The graphics and the moving pictures are so charming and I love your photography and writing.

I found your blog because I noticed on my blogger dashboard that I had a new follower...so I clicked on my follower stat page and I saw that my new follower was Amanda Smith. I am not sure how Amanda came across my blog (I'll have to ask her because I am always curious as to how people find each other)...but she had told me she was reading my blog...so when I clicked on her page I found out she is private but while I was on her profile page I clicked on all of the blogs she follows (because I am nosy like that) and came across yours!! And I LOVE it!! You are very talented and I love your taste. (I have lurked all over your blog) Anyway...I wanted to tell you in church that I had been reading your blog and sort of ask permission to comment (I don't know why...but I always feel like I should ask permission) but I got swallowed up by the Primary room and never came and found you again. I also wanted to reveal how I came across your blog...just so you knew...

So anyway...CONGRATS ON YOUR NEW BABY GIRL BEING ON HER WAY!!!! That is so wonderful!!! I found out that you were expecting from lurking on your blog...but I promise I did not tell a soul. That is your wonderful news to share!!

So anyway...if you read your stats and you have someone reading from either Augusta or Evans Georgia it may be me. I think my stats come up as Evans Georgia...even though I live in Martinez.

Good heavens this comment is so long I could shop around for a book deal!

Have a great LONG WEEKEND at the beach!!


sug said...

omgoodness!! i'm so glad you found my blog, because now i can read yours! adam and i stayed up passed our bedtimes last night reading deep into it! you are hilarious {which i already knew but again appreciated}!!

i'm so sorry we never see each other/ we are never in town/ we never get to chat. you're such a doll and i love chatting it up with you!!

i hope summer has treated you and your boys well and that the fall will give us some time together!!

oh! and please please comment on this here blog any old time you like! esp if it's anything like this one!! ;)


Anonymous said...

No bee costume is complete without a headband and necklace!
OOO la la!
<3 MOM