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occasionally i have friends and acquaintances ask me what kind of stuff we used/use with our bee and what we plan to use with our next little one, so i thought why not go ahead and share my two cents. publicly. :) so here are a few staples i highly recommend and personally love.

also, these are all based on our own personal experience and use and do not reflect anyone else's opinions, so take it like it is. :) i am sharing with you what worked best for us and what we liked using the most. if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask! i want to be as informative as possible. before bee, i was so unprepared in what i thought i wanted to do, but with the help of a sweet and more experienced friend i made it out okay!
  • burts bee's baby bee products {throughout, mostly up to 6 months} - my bee had some really dry and sensitive skin those first few months {aka, winter} and with the supply i had it was the only thing that was sweet enough on her delicate skin. 
  • A&D ointment {best thing for any rash or skin ailment at any age} - some swear by butt paste, but when it came to bee's toosh, the only ointment that got rid of her chappedness was this stuff. it may not be trendy or come in cute packaging but it sure does work! still using it today!
  • newborn indian cotton prefolds w/snappi fasteners & thirsties' covers {newborn to about 6 months} - now if you are interested in cloth diapering, there are endless amounts of blogs and sites and products on the market. i did a little research but i also did some observing. i wanted a system that saved money, made sense and was as effortless as possible. this is how it went down:
for the first few days we stuck to the teeny tiny newborn disposable diapers they give you at the hospital. with the transition from inside you to outside of you, the baby's poo changes drastically. at that point it was easier to toss that crazy stuff that had to be changed every few mins, but once she had been nursing the poo was more regular and a little more scheduled, so i switched to the newborn prefolds. they are the perfect size and worked for bee until she was about 6 months. the indian-cotton ones are the most absorbent so i could go a few pees or a poo then wipe out the thirstie and replace the prefold. the snappi is a genius item that holds your diaper in place and can be attached with one hand! win win. :) after changing, i keep it all in a thirsties wet bag in the bathroom and once the bag is full {every other day} i wash it all together {see the bumGeniuslaundering instructions for details}.
  • bumGenius all-in-one {6 months until potty trained} - once bee started eating solid foods the diapering advanced a little more. this is where we switch into the bumGenius. again, there are so many choices and options, but this made the most sense to me and our situation. i liked the idea of having one size that would transition and work basically until she was potty trained. it has snaps on the front so that it can be cinched to fit a smaller bum and then let out as they grow. genuis, really. the ones i use have a cover and come with a longer "overnight" sized adjustable insert and a smaller "newborn"  sized insert. in the beginning we only used the longer one, but as she's gotten a little older/bigger i always use both together. and i store/launder these the same as above.       done. easy!
*sidenote: when we travel {unless in a semi-permanent spot with washer and dryer}, we generally use disposables. :)
  • swaddleme infant wrap {newborn to break-free age} - these things were the best way to keep bee cozy and secure through the night, especially through the winter! she loved them until she became strong enough to bust out. :)
okay, so there's my short list of what we considered necessities. let me know if there's something i missed. :)

p.s. sometimes this stuff is all trial and error, but i think we have it all figured out for the next one! also, your best option is to shop around beforehand and find a great deal! and don't forget about ebay, consignment and craigslist! i got new stuff at a huge discount!! good luck. :)

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