happy monday, everyone! hope you had a fabulous weekend. :)

first off, we've noticed bee calls just about everything "a-" something. and we are pretty sure it's from us always asking "what does a ___ say?". and we probably ask that question a zillion times at the zoo. :)

this zoo may be one major reason we will miss augusta {just a little} when we move next year! it's just close enough and is just the right size. we always have a great time and bee seems to love it more every time we go! it's so fun to watch her react/interact with the animals and their surroundings.

this time we bought the nectar to feed the birds {not her favorite} and also train tickets {another not-favorite} just to change things up, but to our surprise she prefers just to roam around like we usually do, without any extra costs included. keeping it simple. just the way she {we} like it. :)

thanks, riverbank zoo and gardens! :)

and thanks to the sweet older gentleman who took our family picture before we left {haven't had one in ages}. we were pretty sure he was a dentist himself! ;)

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