our biggull

lately we have noticed we no longer have a baby. not at all. she's almost 3 ft tall, has opinions and a growing vocabulary. it's fun and exciting, but also a little sad.

our baby does not want to be a baby or treated like a baby anymore. she insists on doing most things on her own because she is now a "biggull" and gets very frustrated if you don't at least let her try.

it makes me happy to have her do more on her own. it means she's learned how to be big and is on her way to being independent {almost}.

but no matter how big she gets or wants to be in charge of during the day, come bedtime, she still insists on snuggling and smooching just like she always has since she was a tiny baby. my sweet baby bee. we'll always have bedtime. :)

-happy monday, everyone!

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