during these last few {rough} weeks, throughout the nausea, headaches, fatigue, etc... i have noticed some differences and a few similarities this go round.

then: worked full time and class full time // now: bee full time
then: tiny bit of nausea from wk 8 to wk 12 // now: nausea big time from wk 6 to present day
then: heartburn and indigestion around 30 wks // now: feeling the burn from wk 6 to present day
then: starving 24/7 throughout {excluding sweets} // now: little appetite. def no sweets
then: drier hair {washed once weekly} // now: more oily than normal 
then: flawless peachy complexion // now: a little ruddy and occasional breakout {stress much??}
then: wore those regular sized clothes until the buttons popped @ 25 weeks // now: maxi skirt/dress
then: traveled like a pro // now: motion sickness does not even begin to describe
then: ny, nc, tx, il // now:  fl, ca, tx, sc...

then: soup and sandwiches // now: just add some pasta but only infant portions of each please
then: h2o 24/7 // now: eww it's gotta be carbonated
then: gum gum gum // now: no thank you
then: choppy sleep habits // now: two naps daily and whatever hours bee gives me at night

then: crazy crazy dreams // now: ditto
then: tiny bladder// now: ditto
then: preferred baths over showers // now: ditto
then: summer fruits and veggies aplenty // now: ditto
then: all about tomato and cucumber salad // now: ditto
then: folks suspicious about weight gain {confessed later} // now: surprised by my news {serious?}
then: delivered at 36 wks // now: only time will tell

have a fabulous weekend, y'all!!

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