loathe v love

it's that special time again where you not only get to hear me complain but you also get to hear me gloat all in one post! lucky.


the intense, still, humid, headache-inducing heat of summer. i know the rest of the country is currently suffering as well, but i feel like it's my own personal h-e-double hockey sticks!

the lack of activities available {indoors} in augusta. the children's museum closed and there are basically only inflatable jump places to visit {$10 a head}... don't think so.

how busy and congested our pool is lately {with kids}... i know we have to share, but when you can't see any water?? come on...

augusta's craigslist. it stinks.

this one is a little ridiculous, but i'm going to use it anyways... the salons here are terrible. i have tried a couple, only to be greatly disappointed after each visit. i finally got it right and now wait until we visit athens to have anyone touch my hair. no matter where in augusta you go {regardless of them being a bumble salon} you get the same augusta haircut. no. thank. you.

okay, enough whining!!


being able to live so close to the dental school, we are able to see adam for lunch almost every day! it's so nice for him to come home or us to meet him in the middle of the day to get our dose of "daddy!" {or smooch}!

our sweet little cottage-of-a-house. with augusta being so old, the houses are just that. but in the best way possible. most were built in the early 1900's and have so much charm. ours has hardwood floors, a big open floor plan, one story {ideal for babies :)}, a large back and front yard {plenty of privacy}, a garage {!}, screened-in porch, etc etc. of course with it being an old house it has its faults and irritations as well, but i decided i can deal with them to have such a lovely, cozy home. :)

my magnolia tree. it's lovely. it's constantly blooming, smells wonderful and it's huge, providing lots of shade in our front yard.

i know i have used this one in the past, but i need to reintroduce the fact that we live so close to the coast! we have taken full advantage of being less than three hours from some fabulous beaches. we have even made some of the trips within the day! planning out our near future, {being just around the corner} we are definitely taking that into consideration. but don't worry, augusta is NOT on the list. :)

our walk-friendly neighborhood. it's so nice to get bee into her wagon and just stroll on down the sidewalk. there are so many places around us that do not have this luxury. and with the way augustans drive, a sidewalk is SO necessary! also, the layout of our neighborhood provides a couple of nice routes to choose from. almost every evening {once the temps are below 98} we head out for our before-bed walk. it's a nice way to end the evening as a family. :)

there you have it. another amazing installment of loathe v love. you're welcome. :)

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