little girl party

happy monday, folks!

when lyda {and her parents} came to our neck of the woods for a visit a few weeks ago, it turned into a big night with our friends. and all their little girls. :) *some of our closest friends here are not only amazing and wonderful, but even related. the smiths, the fields and the marshs. all related! 

it's crazy to think how all of us girls managed to have our babies {unplanned} so close together and even more so that they all ended up being girls! AND amy is expecting another girl this fall!! -can't wait!!

we had so much fun at ron and jessi's with the girls running around the backyard and playing with the puppies and us relaxing outside on such a pleasant evening. and it was so fun to watch all the girls having fun with their super sweet daddies. :)

oh! and not to mention the amazing dinner those field's {jessi and ron} made for us {homemade lasagna}!! -thanks a ton for that, guys!

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Amy Marsh said...

best night ever!