i have a peach growing inside me

as of last week, my little pinto inside me is now {supposedly} the size of a peach! i cannot believe how quickly this time is going by.

 it really amazes me that we humans {mommas} have this gift where we can carry our little ones inside of us! and what's even more amazing is how wonderful and beautiful they are when they come out! bee had been the perfect first-child experience. i have no fears this time around. ;)

and despite the sick and tired i have been feeling i am so excited to have been given this opportunity to bring another sweet spirit into this world! and i'm even more excited that our bee will be it's big sister. she is going to be a fabulous big sis. :)

families are forever and it makes me {and adam and bee} so happy to build our little family here on earth for the eternities to come!

-happy monday!!

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